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What is weather compensation

Weather compensation explainedSo what is weather compensation? Weather compensation (WC) is a sensor fitted on an external north facing wall of your property, this sensor communicates with your boiler. When the temperature outside changes the boiler will adjust for more or less output to sustain your required indoor temperature all year round while using a minimal amount of gas. Weather compensation will save you money in more than one wayYour current controls are what is called on/off. This...


How to bleed a radiator in a central heating system

Here is a simple guide from a heating engineer on how to bleed a radiator in a central heating system. Example… you turn your heating on sit on the sofa and watch TV. After a while you think why the room is not warming up so you touch the radiator and it’s not hot! Don’t panic, the first thing you need to check before calling a plumber is to check if the radiator is actually on. You may think 'why would it be turned off?' Do you have children? You get the point. If you have a (TRV), it’s eas...


How to top up boiler pressure

This is a guide on how to top up boiler pressure. I’ve been to a job today where the customer had a boiler breakdown and called me in a panic. They had a newborn baby at the house and were in a bit of a pickle. I turned up a a short while after and it turned out that the only thing wrong was that the boiler's pressure had dropped. I topped it up and job done, the boiler fired! This had me thinking how many people end up cold because of such a simple problem that anyone can fix if in they know...


What’s the best boiler on the market and what boiler is best for you?

I get asked this questions nearly every day. There are so many different boilers on the market it's hard to choose the one for your needs. In my opinion, a mid range or top of the range boiler fitted well and powerflushed correctly is all that is needed but I find a lot of the time engineers rush boiler installs and make them as basic as can be. By this I mean the controls side of things. Nearly every boiler I visit is controlled by what is called the on-off method. Other methods of control...