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Powerflushing based in Luton

Powerflushing based in Luton

What is a powerflush?

A powerflush is in simple terms cleaning all of the iron oxide (the black stuff) out of your system and replacing it with clean clear water. Iron oxide can seriously harm your central heating system components, boiler, and more importantly your pocket! It causes restrictions and blockages in your central heating system, meaning everything has to work much harder to heat up your house. It will also cause your central heating pump to work double time and this causes wear much faster so your pump will work slower together with blockages soon you’ll have no heating at all and need a new pump! 

A few ways to tell if you will benefit from a powerflush/cleanse:

  • System is banging and making noise
  • Frequently having to bleed radiators
  • Radiators cold at the bottom
  • No heating at all but boiler fires up on demand

These are just a few things that can be an indication that you need a power-flush but if your not sure just call us and we will be happy to help.

So you've had a powerflush/cleanse. Now what?

Here is where you make your money back. Your heating will heat up a lot faster by a lot i mean up-to 5x quicker depending on how severe the issue was before. Your boiler will be almost silent because there’s no restrictions so it can work how it was designed to and your gas bill will be reduced! Because your boiler wont be over-working and will be working how it should be it will be more efficient therefore saving you money in gas bills.

Powerflush vs system cleanse

We work on the basis that if a system is so badly blocked up it doesn’t circulate at all then you need a power flush. Essentially, this is a big pump that pushes the water through at high speed and pushes blockages out. This method takes around a day, sometimes more and uses a lot of water.

A system cleanse is needed if the water does circulate but the bottom of the radiators are cold. A cleanse consists of adding two extremely strong magnets to your system.  Iron oxide is magnetic so as it passes the magnets it is grabbed. Black water goes in, clear water comes out, leading to brilliant results! This method can take as little as 2 hours and hardly any water is wasted.

Some advice

When your heating is off for months during the summer months, you should turn it on every now and then to get the valves moving and the water circulating. Boiler breakdowns often occur as a result of a stuck valve in the boiler or elsewhere. Also, when the water is not circulating the iron oxide slowly drops down to the lowest point. So one winter you will have red hot radiator and the next you don't because all of the iron oxide is now sitting at the bottom of your system, going rock hard! We recommend turning your heating on once a week for an hour to prevent this from happening.

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