What’s the best boiler on the market and what boiler is best for you?

I get asked this questions nearly everyday. there are so many different boilers on the market its hard to choose the one for your needs.

In my opinion, a mid range or top of the range boiler fitted well and powerflushed correctly is all that is needed but I find a lot of the time engineers rush boiler installs and make them as basic as can be. by this I mean the controls side of things nearly every boiler I visit is controlled by what is called the on-off method.

other methods of control are weather compensation or open-therm these smart controls speak to the boiler and work together so instead of being on full speed ahead of off the boiler modulates down, this means you will be more comfortable in your home and not either too hot or too cold to read more about this click HERE for weather-compensation.

Back on topic with controls in mind as said there’s no real ‘best’ when it comes to boiler boilers but only really how easy there are to work on and how advanced they are, in my opinion Viessmann are miles ahead of every other boiler manufacturer out there because of how advanced there controls are and how well built there boilers are, these boilers can be completely stripped in around 25 minutes and go back together in my experience no issues at all, the heat exchangers in Viessmanns are built buy themselves in there factories and are made of stainless steel, other manufacturers use the same heat exchangers, this shows Viessmann care and have developed the best possible heat exchangers and not just following everyone else.
ill go back onto maintenance, some boilers changing parts are what engineers loose sleep over they can take hours! every single part in the Vitodens boilers are easily accessible easy to remove and easy to replace without hassle this saves you your time and your money in the event of a breakdown, so that’s my opinion other engineers will say otherwise others will agree but for me Viessmann are a cut above the rest!

What other boiler manufactures I recommend

If I was to recommend other boilers  I would say any really as I explained above its down to installation, one thing I always try and install is boiler with stainless steel heat exchangers this is because all new boilers produce condensation this condensation is acidic and therefore it breaks down the aluminium heat exchangers to a extent that they pin hole and leak so your boiler pressure will drop replacing a heat exchanger is a big job and parts are expensive so I would try and avoid these boiler if possible most manufactures realise this and have moved to stainless steel, acidic condensation doesn’t effect stainless steel.

so how can a boiler be fitted incorrectly ?

installing a boiler is more complicated that some think, its not a case of just connecting up the pipes anymore with boilers being more and more advanced they need a lot more care when fitted.

part of this means thoroughly power flushing the existing or new system to ensure all debris chemicals and flux is removed, this is because new boiler are low water content meaning the pathways inside are smaller ( less water faster heat up) so they  can block up easily.

another part is setting up the temperatures coming out  of the boiler or what we call ‘range rating’ your boiler doesn’t need to be on max output this causes issues , generally we aim for a hot water temperature of 60 degrees this is due to a bug that lives in water called Legionella and at 60 degrees this bug is neutralised, and a central heating flow temperature of 50- 6- degrees with a temperature difference of twenty degrees on the return pipe this is to ensure maximum condensation of the boiler , more condensation means more efficient = costs you less.

With all the above mentioned there is other small things we do to ensure your boiler is the most efficient it can be and as reliable as it can be it really is more then connecting a few pipes up!

If you would like us to install you a new boiler then don’t hesitate to call.


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