How to top up boiler pressure

This is a guide on how to top up boiler pressure. I’ve been to a job today where the customer had a boiler breakdown called me in a panic, they had a new born baby at the house and was in a bit of a pickle, I turned up a a short while after and it turned out to only be the boilers pressure had dropped, I topped it up and job done boiler fired, this had me thinking how many people end up cold because of such a simple problem that anyone can fix if in the know how. so I decided I will write a how to and do a video on this to help you my customer.

firstly you need to locate your ‘pressure gauge’ does what it says on the tin its a gauge that displays the pressure, If the gauge is on the boiler then you will be looking for a filling loop on the boiler ts self I will show different types of filling loops later on, If the pressure gauge is on some pipework in your  airing cupboard then you will be looking for a silver braided hose with 1 sometimes 2 taps on either end it looks like this.this type will sometimes be near your boiler also.

some boilers have internal filling loops I have a video on Worcester  boiler filling loops here, I will be adding videos on different boiler filling loops as and when I come across them if you need help with yours give the manufactures a call they will guide you through it.

Okay, now you have located your filling loop you need to open the valves and top up to around 1 bar. once that’s done your boiler may need resetting so give it a reset and fingers crossed your boiler will spring into life and all will be well.

for more helpful plumbing tips visit my YouTube page.

I hope me writing how to top up boiler pressure has helped you somehow. and if you need me call 07415278734 and I will be with you as soon as I can.

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