Boiler Servicing

A boiler service every 12 months can prevent costly repairs, Gas is not clean so as it burns it creates carbon deposits these deposits will create blockages inside your boilers heat exchanger meaning heat transfer will be decreased as well as efficiency. On average it takes us between half and hour to an hour to complete a complete boiler service depending on the boiler.

Here is what you get from a boiler service

  • Visual inspection

    We first inspect the boiler to check for any leaks or similar issues

  • Full strip down of boiler & burner

    This is where we fully strip down the whole boiler and its burner

  • Gas rate

    this calculates if the appliance is getting enough gas to operate correctly

  • Inspection of the flue

    This is to ensure no fumes are causing you a danger

  • An emissions test

    This is to ensure the gas is being burned correctly

  • Re-assemble boiler

    After we have made our checks and inspections, we will at this point re-assemble the boiler

  • Certificate

    We will then produce you with a certificate of what we have done and we found

Benefits of boiler servicing

We often find new customers are shocked how in depth we go with boiler servicing we spend around an hour per service, did the last engineer take that long? if he didn’t chances are he didn’t do a full service on your boiler.and after all your boiler keeps you clean and need to look after it for it to look after you!

Boiler servicing

Why a boiler service is important

The main reason is safety, natural gas is not clean, boilers can be blocked full with deposits from the gas. secondly we have efficiency you probably got a new boiler so its more efficient but not having your boiler serviced will have the reverse effect. to add to this is will cause boiler components fail and no one wants there boiler to breakdown.